Winning new business is difficult. Retaining your current work is even harder. Trust us, your program is on your competitor's pipeline with a giant target symbol on it. Bid2Win understands this and is ready to help.

Preparing for a recompete should begin the day you start the new contract. Performance is everything. Relying on your program team and/or CPARS to determine how you are performing is not enough. That's where we come in.

Leverage our program management expertise. Let us talk to your client. We have done this for other clients and it makes a huge difference. We can interview all stakeholders, including your team, and determine how you are doing, what changes the client's want if they had the option to change the current services, and make recommendations for corrective actions now, before the recompete. 

This can and should be done at least 18 months before your contract is scheduled to end. Not enough time? The recompete is soon? No fear, it's not too late. We can even do this after you loose and have a shot at rebidding in the case of a successful protest.

Want more information, please email Helene at Learn how we can help you retain your valuable work.